“Our country boasts a wealth of stories, myths, and legends, inspiring novels, films, and even television series from all over the world,” said Domenico Procacci, Fandango SpA CEO. “With Luna Nera, the ambition is for us to be the ones to recount this extraordinary narrative and visual imagery, seeking to reach a global public. And if this is the plan, Netflix is naturally the ideal partner for this project. Together, we have the possibility of doing something authentic, entertaining, and highly original. It’s the start of a new adventure that promises to be very exciting,” Procacci added.

On Friday, at a presentation for international producers in Cannes, Roberto Cicutto, president of Luce Cinecittà, said that the rambling facilities are on schedule to complete their “refurbishment plan,” which includes: three new sound stages and a tank for underwater filming (indoor and outdoor). Furthermore, the ancient Rome set, which had been partially burned, is being rebuilt. “We’ve promised to invest in these studios, and we are keeping our word,” said Lucia Borgonzoni, Italian Deputy Culture Minister.

The relaunch of Cinecittà is the key part of Italy’s attempt to regain “cinematic glory” and an important spot in the world’s entertainment industry.

Luna Nera is Netflix’s third Italian original.