Nick Cannon Brings ‘Wild ‘n Out’ to MTV2

Nick Cannon is coming back to MTV.


Cannon’s comedy show, Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘n Out is already familiar to MTV; it ran on the network back in 2007 before leaving the air. On its come back, the show’s revitalized version will instead air on MTV’s sister network MTV2.

The Hollywood Reporter explains Cannon’s decision to bring back the show. After a conversation with good friend Kevin Hart, with whom Cannon co-starred on BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood, a new comedy fell into place. “People have been in talks about it for a long time, and I just had to really buckle down and say, “OK, I’m going to take the time out to actually do it,’” Cannon tells the Hollywood Reporter.

Wild ‘n Out will still follow its original format of Cannon leading one team against a special guest captain leading the other. The competitions range from freestyle rap battles to pure comedy. Guests for the upcoming show include Kevin Hart, Guy Code’s Lil DuVal, Amar’e Stoudemire, Mac Miller, 2Chainz, Machine Gun Kelly, A$AP Rocky and Joe Budden.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Cannon explains the switch from MTV to MTV2, saying,You know, MTV wanted me to do it on MTV first, but I didn’t want to do it on MTV. I think MTV is different than it was when I was there. They do certain types of shows that are more focused on folks with commentary, [like] Sixteen and Pregnant. It is more focused for young women. If we do Wild ‘n Out, we have to go raw and go edgier. And that’s what MTV2 is doing. We were allowed to push the envelope even more on MTV2. We could go rawer and say stuff without having to worry. On MTV, you kind of have to walk a little softly, with their demographic. I’m excited to go raw and in your face.”

Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘n Out debuts July 9 at 11 p.m. on MTV2.

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